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Apna Baazar,
10482 S Redwood Road, South Jordan UT, 84095
Salt Lake City,
Salt Lake City

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    About Us

    Our Story


    Our Goal

    My partners and I have the passion to forever change grocery shopping through an online and delivery service tailored for the Indian community. We dream to eliminate the routine need to visit local grocery stores and give back to the hard-working families in the Bay Area more quality free time. We know that in today’s busy lifestyle, families lead active lives and look for different ways to save time. We want to provide the convenience of having a one-stop shop for all their daily needs from farm fresh fruits or vegetables, spices or grains & pulses.  Our company, Apna Baazar, strives to provide a complete and convenient solution without compromising quality or freshness. The goal is to amaze and delight every customer with each delivery.

    Our Motivation

    As a working mom in today’s fast-pace lifestyle, I have always aimed to continue my Indian heritage to provide my family with fresh home-cooked ethnic meals throughout the week.  This usually means the often and dreaded weekly trips to the local Indian grocery store selecting for the freshest produce, fighting the crowds, and waiting in long checkout lines—all the while sacrificing precious time out my schedule. One day standing in a checkout line in the local store, I had the brilliant idea to figure out a way to have Indian groceries online and have them delivered to my doorstep. To my surprise, no good option existed… so with some hard work, similar-minded partners, and a dedicated team, we are ready to fill this need and provide Indian groceries to our community.

    Our approach

    Our approach has the underlying principle to deliver only the very freshest produce and Indian products with a personal touch. We have teamed up with the best local farmers, markets and vendors to carry the finest and top-quality products available. Each of our shoppers will hand-pick and package the products with the same care you would expect standing at the local market. Our drivers with state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks will deliver your groceries right to your door step and make sure everything is right.

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